Saturday, April 21, 2012

Toot it and Boot it

My favorite shoes beyond all are… BOOTS! (as if that was not already clear from the title). So, I just figured I'd give you a little insight into my boot collection. Not that it's a "collection," more just like "some of the boots I enjoy wearing" but that's kind of a lot of words to say when I could just say "collection." But I guess I said both now… Well..




Steve Madden




Also, sorry for the photo quality! I really wanted to get this post up, but when I decided to shoot there was no natural light inside, barely any outside (as it was getting dark) and about twenty min after I got inside, it was completely pitch black out… so that's why I had to use flash in some, which is why the colors change between shots. I'd say aside from the first pair of Rebel short suede boots and the Hunter wellies, the "true" color of the boots is just in between the two colors of a flash and non-flash photograph (I purposely made to include a flash and non-flash photo as to ensure that you can get a clear idea of the real color). And also, disclaimer: sorry for the shotty pictures of me holding up those's difficult taking a photo and holding the boot shaft up so you can see what it looks like! Let's just say they were like point and shoot, non-focused kinds of photos.. I just wanted you all to be able to get a better idea! Oh, and lastly, the black Frye boots are a lot less shiny than what it shows in the photos- the flash just made it look like they had a sheen, when in fact they're actually pretty matte. 

Here's a picture of the Frye's with no flash which shows their finish a bit better, although for you to even really see the boots, I had to really increase the exposure, so that's why the picture looks a bit wonky/ it's still difficult to see the finish..sorry!

(increased exposure slightly)

(increased exposure)

(increased exposure)
And lastly, here were some shots of when I was shooting-- just out my backyard, nothing too special, but I thought it was still pretty! (on a few, as I'll note on the pictures, I had to increase the exposure so you could actually see the detail, etc in the shot.. But it's just to see a smidgen of spring-ness (as it was getting dark out), but that's all right!

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