Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

... need I say more?!

As most of you could most likely tell from my McQueen post (a few posts back), Alexander McQueen is my all time (and will probably remain as so) favorite designer.. ever. So, with the show today, I figured when is there a better time to divulge my thoughts than now? (Other than probably nearly any other time-- when I should be getting some sleep...) Anywho, back to McQueen. While maybe I'll do a part two on this post, as I'm extremely exhausted and know I need to explain myself more with pictures, etc., I feel like a traitor. Like a disloyal fan. I was really just not that pleased with this collection. Wow, hearing those words escape my mouth when in regard to McQueen is quite difficult, but I realize that there is no point in lying. Obviously I did not dislike everything, and as I said, in a part two of this post I'll hopefully elaborate more[disclaimer: I will try to do a part two, but if it never goes up, I'm sorry ahead of time], but I really just felt that while McQueen as well as so many designers have so many seemingly-unwearable pieces, these ones just struck me not as the kind of "unwearable" as with some of his other collections, but truly just...unwearable. I'm not sure; maybe I just have not yet wrapped my head around it and am exhausted while looking at the pictures. Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up and think, "Wow, that collection was amazing, what was I talking about?" Unfortunately thought, at the moment, I legitimately feel sad/angry with myself for being very unimpressed, but regardless of my mood which could be causing it, that's how I feel at this very second and must come to terms with it. I guess how I just like to think of it is, "Would I like/appreciate these pieces if it was by a differnt designer, say Dior or Acne or Rebecca Minkoff?" While I know that is like comparing apples and oranges, or even more so, just completely incomparable (in my mind), I should like the clothes as they are, not just because they are McQueen. But, what saddens me most is, that even though they are McQueen, not even that was enough to convince myself that I liked the collection... and was it just me, or was that McQueen flair not really there? The detail in the fabrics was lacking, and if there was any, it was very textural (not in the material as much itself), and lacked it's usual intricate and symmetric flair. Don't get me wrong though-- I did like the collection still, just not as much as I usually do, and they were just hard to appreciate on the same level because they were much less clothing and much more pieces of art/sculpture (not that his usually are't, just these more so).

(I'll try to add photos tomorrow, but for now I'm exhausted, so if you want to feast your eyes and get the low-down of this show,, check out: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/F2012RTW-AMCQUEEN )

P.S. watch me have entirely different thoughts on the show tomorrow when I am not half asleep... and also, et me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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