Sunday, February 26, 2012

NYFW Fall 2012 (Part II)

Okay, so I did it. While watching the Oscars I multitasked and downloaded all the photos of the looks I liked from the rest of NYFW (see below for part one). Since time is of the essence, and there are already way too many photos here, I'll really just be posting pictures, saying who the designer is, and writing which part of the outfit I liked (if it is not already obvious [like a dress]--ex: "the shoes" or "the shirt"... and not necessarily how they were paired with other items or even with one another). But who knows, maybe I'll write a comment or two, (probably). Oh, and some of the looks are super similar, even just the same pattern in a different cut... but hey, I'm just showing what I like. So, to reiterate, sorry it's so long, but I hope it can begin to show you my style and things that I'm generally drawn to.
*Warning: there are probably some comments similar (if not the same as), "I love this dress if the sleeves are cut off."My bad.*

and we begin...

Ahead of time disclaimer: ALL photos on this post are from and they (or the photographer) own(s) all rights to them.

Badgley Mischka

(Not super into the gold under the chiffon look-- i.e. the bottom of the dress. However, the rest I like.)

(Not super into the gold under the chiffon look-- i.e. the bottom of the dress. However, the rest I like.)

Band of Outsiders

Mostly like the dress underneath.

Derek Lam
love the pattern of the knit itself

Elie Tahari
the coat

the coat

the jacket
Elizabeth and James

Erin Fetherston 
(There was nothing too extravagant, or "mind-boggling" in her show, but I really enjoyed her simple and classic dress takes. Sometimes simple does just the trick.)

Helmut Lang

just the dress
Just the dress..but not even fully. I like the fabric, and the movement of it, but I'm not entirely sold (yet).
J. Crew
(I'm super hesitant to put it in here, because I'm not entirely into the pieces. But hey, why not?)
Mostly just the coat, but I'm not entirely into it or anything. Surprisingly, I like the sweater (really just the color), but I'm not sure if I'd really like it come fall, or if I just like it because right now I'm ready for spring..?

Just the dress, sort of. I feel like I'd need to see the print up close/feel the flow of the material in person to determine further.
**I have to go right now... kind of tired here/going to buff my mom's nails/cut her cuticles. so..I'll put up part III later! Hope this is good for now.**

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