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NYFW Fall 2012 (Part I)

Why don't I live in New York? I mean, that's for starters. The excitement, the movement, not to mention the never-ending flow of fashion... especially during fashion week. Unfortunately, as I live on the west coast of the country (northern California) and am still in school, jetting off to New York was not an option either. And, on top of that, up until this past friday, I had so many tests, papers, etc (why do teachers have to give you so much right before break?) that it was impossible to" stay up-to-date" (aka googling pictures of the fashion shows), even 3,000+ miles away. But, here I stand now, (sort-of) caught up with the fashion shows, ready to share my two cents on what went down the runways this past week.

3.1 Phillip Lim

All photos from

While I usually am extremely excited about 3.1 Phillip Lim's collections, I''m going to be honest and say that this is not one that excited me particularly. I am a huge fan of the oversized sweater (probably my favorite article of clothing), but I felt that he (intentionally) rode the line between a more fitted and chunky sweater, which just is not my thing. I mean, yo never know. once fall rolls around maybe I'll be wanting one of those, but at least for now, that heavy knit with a semi-loose/semi-tight fit I cannot say appeals. However, in my books, Phillip redeemed himself (somewhat) with his extremely angular blouse (minus the belt-- not my thing... although I'm not sure how it'd be worn otherwise [so maybe ignore my commentary]) and his simple, box cut (shift?) dress. I like that all but the small little (for lack of better words), "arrows", lack curved form, but that they just emphasize an almost forgotten waistline.

So, before I move on to Acne, I just felt the need for a mini rant. (and yes, I'll keep it short). The easiest way I can explain my complaint is by using an analogy. So, you know Urban Outfitters? (and this rant is not directed at them in any particular way, while it does apply, I more mean this towards some of the lines I'm writing about here, *cough, Acne, cough*) Not to pull one of those "I knew about Urban Outfitters long before it became popular" kind of rants, but I used to shop there because it was near my grandma's house in LA long before it became popular, and long before I could even fit into a lot of their clothing. As with Urban (for short), but many other brands as well, once they get popular, they think they can start making whatever the heck they want to make, and because they're "Urban Outfitters" or whatever other brand they are, that because of that, it's okay. And here's the worst part, that's how the majority of their buyers think as well. So yes, if they have people that are willing to buy a piece of you-know-what just because it's from Urban, and therefore "cool", then I kind of understand. (However I think it's stupid on their behalf because they're putting out awful clothing (smearing their reputation) and taking advantage of the label-obsessed buyer). So to wrap up abruptly (I hope I finished making my point?), just because something is buy a certain designer, sold at a certain store, etc, does not mean it is cute and/or okay (in a light-hearted fashion sense) for the designer/store to be putting it out. The way I like to think about almost anything I purchase (especially if it's on the edge of ugly, but I'm buying it because it's a certain brand), is "Would I buy this if it was from Old Navy or Kohls (I've never actually been to Kohls)?" If the answer is yes, then go get it. If it's not, remember that nobody knows where you bought it from, so even if it's designer, they won't know, and they'll be thinking "not cute shirt...", although you should be dressing for yourself anyways. So if you don't like the item, but you like the brand and/or store, bag it and move on and away from the cash register! ...[so much for my short rant!]

back to my fashion week recap...

So this [above^] (in my opinion) was probably one of the only pieces from their collection that I liked. By no means is it something special or profound, but hey, it's not horrible?
While I would just love to elaborate on my thoughts regarding this collection, I think reading my rant (above) is sufficient. [and yes, in case you were wondering, I am a very sarcastic person]

***I wrote this about a week ago (which is for some reason the post has displayed as the date it was written on, not today (2/26) when I'm actually posting it), planning to fill it out with the rest of my NYFW "breakdown", but due to a lot of stuff going on, I just have not had time to finish this. So, I figured for now, I'll just post this, and hopefully as soon as I can, I can post the rest of it [yes, I know how super behind I am].***

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