Monday, February 27, 2012

Alexander McQueen

Just wanted to take a break from all this fashion week fuss and take a moment to let you know a bit about my fashion of choice: Alexander McQueen. No, I do not own any, but I think it's safe to say that he is my favorite designer of all time (continuing with Sarah Burton-- but when I refer to "he", I'm just really talking about the brand as a whole--not McQueen himself [which is why I'm writing it in the present tense]). I could write about him for days on end, but I think for now I can just say that in my books, he is the true king of fashion. [pun intended] What (in my opinion) puts him above all, on top of many other things, is his fabric. No other designer (once again, in my opinion) can utilize fabric the way he does. The beauty of so many of his pieces lays in the fabric itself, full of intricate design, but in the most surprising ways. I don't mean intricate as in detailed beading, I mean the actual prints on (most of the fabric) the fabric that he designs are incredible. This allows for the most beautiful design, but with a certain level of simplicity in structure. But don't get me wrong, many of his pieces are completely over the top structurally, and lack in the simplicity I just spoke of. Generally though, I feel that he maintains a really nice balance. Maybe that's what it is which I believe sets him apart from all others; the dichotomy of simplicity and outrageousness which he integrates in his collections. I'll stop myself for now, but more "All hail McQueen" will come later.  

Oh, and one last thing-- I think why his work appeals to me so much is that I'm sort of obsessive with things being symmetrical, but not in such a way that things are boring (because I really like intricacy and often times, bold ideas too!)...which is definition McQueen. So yeah, that's probably why I have the utterly biased view that McQueen is best.

For now, just a couple of my favorites:–c_mcq.2086.AV1.JPG
Perhaps my all time favorite of his designs... So easy to wear, such a simple shape, so intricate, yet so symmetrical. 

Since I really can't post every look of his that I love... I think just refer to his 2010 Spring Ready-to-Wear collection here and his 2009 Spring Ready-to-Wear collection here. Probably two of my favorites of his collections [a lot of their pieces are shown above] (and yes, they're super similar to one another. [hence why I probably am attracted to both collections]).




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